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7 Must-sees in Gdansk and nearby

The exciting history of Gdansk, an idyllic town at the Motlawa, goes back about 1000 years. Today Gdansk offers a lot of places of interest.

In World War II Gdansk was destroyed almost completely by Soviet forces, but nearly all buildings were reconstructed from historic models.

Almost all places of interest are located in the historic old town (Glowne Miasto) within a few 100 metres, so the walks are very diverting. The main streets, the Long Street, as well as Long Market, accommodate the most of the interesting buildings.

Furthermore, excursions to the surrounding area of Gdansk are worth it. Along the coast, as well as on Hel Peninsula, you find wonderful beaches. The Pomeranian Lakeland with its forests and fields is unique and fantastic, and the Castle in Malbork you shouldn’t miss at all — majestic, rough and beautiful at once.

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5 Bars and cafés in Gdansk, which are worth a visit

At first sight, Gdansk is probably lacking the coffeehouse and bar culture of other cities. But on closer inspection, the city offers some wonderful, really unique cafés and bars, with an inimitable atmosphere, which invites one to sit back and relax.

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Local cuisine in Gdansk and nearby

Are you keen on having some local cuisine in Gdansk?

Then you are right here! Pirogi, traditionally stuffed pasta, beetroot soup or żurek, a sour soup, you can find on nearly every menu in Tricity. Furthermore the cuisine is affected by Kashubian influences: Herring you get in every kind of style.

Of course, you eat fish in Tricity, finally we are at the Baltic Sea. Freshly caught and prepared in many different ways: grilled, smoked, boiled… Mainly salmon and eel are popular.

There is no more shortage of good restaurants and cafés in Tricity today. Polish, Italian, Asiatic, vegetarian and fast-food… pub or noble restaurant… everything your heart desires…

I would like to recommend you 5 fantastic restaurants in Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot, which are worth a visit:

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