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Bars and cafés in Gdansk
5 Bars and cafés in Gdansk, which are worth a visit

At first sight, Gdansk is probably lacking the coffeehouse and bar culture of other cities.
But on closer inspection, the city offers some wonderful, really unique cafés and bars, with an inimitable atmosphere, which invites one to sit back and relax. You just have to know where!

1. Flisak ’76

Flisak ’76

Maybe the best cocktails in the city!

Delicious beverages, a selection of coffees, a huge variety of assorted teas, fantastic cakes and amazing mouth-watering finger-food in combination with first-class service, that’s the Flisak. Since 40 years on of the most extraordinary bars in the heart of Gdansk. 

2. Das Josef K

The Josef K

Near railway station you find the Josef K, named after the hero of a novel of Franz Kafka. The bar is furnitured with love of detail: a lot of kitsch and bric-à-brac, old books, van Gogh paintings on the ceilings and unbelievingly comfortable arm chairs. The atmosphere is fantastic and absolutely unique!

With it, there are delicious coffee specialities, as well as a huge variety of beverages, local kinds of beer and for the hungry ones salads and small Polish snacks.

3. The Retro Café

The Retro Café

The Retro Café is one more wonderful café at Piwna Street, in the heart of the old town. The cozy, nostalgic furniture, with tables made of old Singer sewing machines is inviting to sit back and relax.

In addition to a fantastic atmosphere, the café offers Italian coffee specialities, 30 different kinds of tea, home made lemonade, as well as self-made cakes and desserts. Try the „Drunk Turtle“, a warm chocolate cake in a glass, with cherry brandy, chocolate ice-cream, cherries, nuts and whipped cream. Excellent!

4. Wine Bar Literacka

Wine Bar Literacka

This wonderful small wine bar is located directly at Mariacka Street, between small art galleries and amber shops.

Besides carefully selected Polish and international wines, the „Literacka“ is famous for its mediterranean specialities and its excellent service.

When the weather is nice, the beautiful, romantic terrace invites to sit back and enjoy the sun.

5. Café Kamienica

Café Kamienica

This small café in Boho Style also is located at Mariacka Street. Over two stories, with parquet floor and arranged artfully, it invites to sit down for a while.

Besides a well-balanced beverage menu and coffee specialities they offer small snacks and fabulous cakes.

When the weather is nice, you can enjoy the view to Mariacka from one of the most beautiful terraces of Gdansk.

Do you know any other great cafés or bars in Gdansk, which I forgot? Then please leave a comment!

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