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Local cuisine in Gdansk and nearby

Are you keen on having some local cuisine in Gdansk?

Then you are right here! Pirogi, traditionally stuffed pasta, beetroot soup or żurek, a sour soup, you can find on nearly every menu in Tricity. Furthermore the cuisine is affected by Kashubian influences: Herring you get in every kind of style.

Of course, you eat fish in Tricity, finally we are at the Baltic Sea. Freshly caught and prepared in many different ways: grilled, smoked, boiled… Mainly salmon and eel are popular.

There is no more shortage of good restaurants and cafés in Tricity today. Polish, Italian, Asiatic, vegetarian and fast-food… pub or noble restaurant… everything your heart desires…

I would like to recommend you 5 fantastic restaurants in Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot, which are worth a visit:

1. Tłusta Kaczka

Tłusta Kaczka

Tłusta Kaczka

The restaurant located between Gdynia and Sopot welcomes you with a great ambience, very modern, but furnished with traditional materials. Immediately, when you enter the restaurant an awesome smell of fresh bread and extraordinary herbs crawls in your nose.

The cuisine of chef Tomasz Mrozik presents itself as typical Polish, modern interpreted and served. So the traditional żurek is served with homemade sausage and a quail egg. After that you are spoilt for choice: Traditional Polish duck served with polenta, strawberries, raspberries, beetroot, balsamic vinegar and green pepper or veal marinated in vanilla, with chanterelles, semolina dumpling and young carrots… and if there is still room you should ask for the dessert of the day.

2. Restauracja Rucola

Restauracja Rucola

Restauracja Rucola

The chefs of Rucola in Sopot bring their extraordinary recipes from their journeys all around the world.

New flavours, spices, music, colours and experiences, that’s the Rucola.

Here are some examples from the menu:
Uruguayan beef, marinated with green pepper, balsamic vinegar, with it sun-dried tomatoes and rosemary grissini.
A fresh green salad with goat cheese, capers, cashew nuts, sprouts and a grapefruit-lime-dressing.

Or the best Mutton Tikka outside of India: juicy meet grilled on the spear, with vegetables, basmati rice, naan bread and a choice of dips (masala, mango chutney, spinach and mint sauce).

With it there is a fantastic selection of wines, each with its own history and its own character.

Let the Rucola team escort you on an extraordinary culinary trip to the unknown, it’s worth it!

3. Estimo Klub Aktora

Estimo Klub Aktora

Estimo Klub Aktora

The cuisine and the ambiance of the restaurant in the heart of Gdansk is excellent and the service is very friendly and courteous. There is discreet live music on many evenings and so it is great to sit back and relax with a glass of wine after a fantastic dinner.

The menu is small but nice… Try the Pirogi stuffed with salmon or spinach or the awesome homemade pork goulash with potato dumpling… and after that a piece of warm apple pie… Furthermore the fresh fish dishes are advisable and the restaurant has a very good wine menu.

4. Sempre Pizza e Vino

Sempre Pizza e Vino

Sempre Pizza e Vino

You love Italian atmosphere and food? Then you are absolutely right here…

Besides fantastic pizzas, they have original Italian starters like beef carpaccio served with capers, shaved parmesan and truffle oil or antipasto misto.

In addition, the restaurant offers a huge choice of Italian bottled wine and carafes of excellent house wine.

If there is some more room after your pizza, try the homemade tirami su and a real Italian espresso…delicious!

5. Sztuczka



The Sztuczka in Gdynia presents itself modern, fancy and colourful.

European fusion cuisine at its finest, with it selected wines and excellent service.

The restaurant offers 3 to 7 course menus or you eat à la carte:
As a starter the beef tartar with mustard ice-cream, salmon roe and small bread crumbs or maybe the scallops on caramelised cauliflower puree with onion broth and black sesame crisp… You have the spoil for choice…

As a main course the lamb chops with roasted red peppers puree, spinach, goat cheese, polenta and green peas are recommendable…

But leave some more room for the fantastic white chocolate mousse with wild cherries, orange puree, red currant sorbet and basil… Unbelievable!

No matter which restaurant you decide to go, have a nice evening and I am looking forward to reading your firsthand reports in the comment section.

Do you know another good restaurant in Tricity which is worth to go? Then please write me a comment!

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